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Memento Mori ~ A Store for HM Fans

Sat May 9, 2015, 4:20 PM
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For decades, there was a store just outside the gated entry to The Haunted Mansion at Walt Disney World in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. It was called The Yankee Trader, and the store would have some HM merchandise in it, but the store was clearly geared towards other merchandise. Now, the store has been completely rehabbed and renamed Memento Mori and the store is ALL HM merchandise.

The link has pictures of the store facade (check out the big "eye" right above the store sign) and much of the HM merchandise. Live Links can take the reader to where the merchandise can be purchased online. Sample of a HM Bowl that can be purchased online at the Disney Store. The Disney Store Online's Available HM Merchandise. I counted 57 items, not counting all the dinner plate/bowl/saucer options.

Cannot wait to go inside during my next trip to WDW!

Ghost Gallery: Henriette Sedir by Maurri Ghost Gallery: Henriette Sedir by Maurri
:bulletblack: Name: Henriette Sedir
:bulletblack: *Born: April 1, 1884, New Orleans, LA
:bulletblack: Died: November 5, 1905
Haunt's History (Outline of life, circumstances and place of death...

Mansion Fans HM CharacterGhost Name: Evelyn Enders
Birth Date: September 8th, 1905
Death Date: October 31st, 1931
Evelyn Enders was born to a middle class family in New York. She was a happy child until her parents died in 1915. She was only ten, and watching their bodies twist into ghastly positions after a Sunday drive went horribly awry caused a few nerves in her brain to snap. The young child became extremely problematic. Her moods changed rapidly and without warning, causing her to lash out at the slightest problems. Her grandmother, who had taken custody of the child after her parents’ deaths, could not handle young Evelyn and began to look for alternative homes.
News of the child’s temper reached her aunt in New Orleans who worked as a cook in Gracey Mansion. She asked Master Gracey and his new wife, Lillian, if her niece could live in the mansion with her. Soon, a car was sent to fetch Miss Enders and take her down to New Orleans.
For a while, the change of scenery seemed to help. She
by gimme-da-money
:bulletblack: Name: Evelyn Enders
:bulletblack: September 8th, 1905, New York
:bulletblack: Died: October 31st, 1931
Haunt's History (Outline of life, circumstances and place of death...

:thumb128523664: Meet Lydia Harven by WerecatBoy
:bulletblack: Name: Lydia Harven
:bulletblack: Born: November 12, 1821
:bulletblack: Died: April 27, 1849
Haunt's History (Outline of life, circumstances and place of death...

Meet Samuel Andrew Lloyd IhleDate of Birth: February 14, 1827 - New Orleans, LA
Date of Death: March 2, 1850 - Boston, MA
History Outline:
Samuel Andrew Lloyd Ihle was the only son of Leopold Ihle, one of the best lawyers in the country, and Marianne Ihle, a pianist. The young Samuel was never good at playing his mother's instrument; in fact, he was never really good at anything and was in constant fear of disappointing his parents. He was shy and quiet, and when he talked, he stammered. He knew he was an embarassing disappointment to his family.
As he grew, he discovered he had a talent in writing and wanted to be a novelist or a journalist. But Leopold Ihle discouraged it. He wanted his son to be a lawyer like himself.
And so it was with a heavy heart that the obedient son travelled to Boston to enroll in Fullerton College of Law*, the school the elder Ihle graduated from. The president of the establishment was also a well-known lawyer named James Fullerton McCarthy, an acquaintance of the e
Meet Samuel Andrew Lloyd Ihle by MonsieurArtiste
:bulletblack: Name: Samuel Andrew Lloyd Ihle
:bulletblack: Born: February 14, 1827
:bulletblack: Died: March 2, 1850
Haunt's History (Outline of life, circumstances and place of death...

Miss Bethany JohnsonDate of Birth: April 13, 1832 - Salem, MA
Date of Death: March 16, 1850 - Boston, MA
History Outline:
Miss Johnson was born in Salem, Massachusetts, and was believed to have come from a long line of witches, some of whom died in the Salem Witch Trials. Her family, however, survived for generations and Miss Johnson was born a hundred and forty years after the Trials.
On her sixteenth birthday, Bethany decided to leave home, tired of the people around her--the same people she saw every day, the same neighbors, the same greetings, the same mornings... She moved Boston where she found work as a seamstress.
It was here that she met a young man named Samuel Andrew Lloyd Ihle. She was seventeen then. He came into the shop to inquire about the price of a coat, how much it would cost to have one made. He was in need of a new one. Samuel fell in love with her at first sight. She, however, did not return his love. He pursued her, but to no avail. Miss Johnson was cold.
But something began
Meet Miss Bethany Johnson by MonsieurArtiste
:bulletblack: Name: Miss Bethany Johnson
:bulletblack: Born: April 13, 1832
:bulletblack: Died: March 16, 1850
Haunt's History (Outline of life, circumstances and place of death...
  • Listening to: Grim Grinning Ghosts
  • Reading: Leota's Book of Spells
  • Watching: Crows take flight
  • Playing: Spider Solitaire
My most sincere apologies, I have just received work from Jack that he will be done redecorating on the 14th a day after I had told everyone he would be done. He hadn't realized that Sally brought a few more friends. Also I was wondering if any of our beloved dead would like to transfer to space for just a few weeks. I had been told that our live friends are running short on spooks on Space Mountains Ghost Galaxy. If any would like to scare people out of this world please tell me and we will get the proper paperwork in order. That is all you go back to resting in pieces (oops my mistake) peace.
Please close those shades I'm tired of tying to live. Yes my rotting flesh I am back. I hope you haven't cleaned anything since I've been away. I will know. Also thank you for your patience well my skull friend Jack has been making himself at home. He insists that he will be done redecorating on the 13th of September. Any of our freshly dead that are confused on how they rotted please send me a message and I shall rummage through my files looking for your records. That is all.
My dear rotting flesh. I have been getting some complaints about how the mansion smells from the living. I am only going to ask you once: Please pick up any body parts that may have detached from you. We are the living dead, let's not be slobs about it. Secondly the holidays are upon us. For the living, family and warm fires are a must. For the dead, nightmares. Remember tis the season of giving.  I expect that all of you give the living nightmares that they won't forget. Put a bow on it for me. A new year is approaching which means new chances to spook. I hope you all review your year and ask your self that one question- Did I terrorize people so much that they need night lights to sleep with? If your answer is yes, I am so proud. If no, I believe you should check your pulse you may still be living.  

Till next time
                               The Undertaker :skull:

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